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DRM (Digital Rights Management) License
If a publisher implements the DRM (Digital Rights Management) features in SecuROM™, SecuROM™ will create a "SecuROM" folder and registry keys on your system. These folders are used only for storage of license information. Please do not modify or delete these file. Otherwise you might be unable to run the protected application.

Important Additional Information
Several systems are said to use a root kit based DRM that makes it possible for viruses or other malicious programs ("malware") to use the root kit to hide content on a user's PC. In this way, a virus or other malware may remain undetected, even if updated anti-virus software is installed. Please note that SecuROM™ does not use any root kit technology in its implementation.

If you have any problems with SecuROM™, please feel free to contact support@securom.com.

Your SecuROM™ support team.

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