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SecuROM Messages Description

Please select the error message to get more detailed information in order to remedy.

If you have a problem with a SecuROM™ protected application and you don't get an error message, you might check out the hints given under "Other Problems".

"No disc inserted."
SecuROM™ has determined there is no disc in a local physical drive. Please refer to the following procedure to remedy:

  • If you can find the disc in your Windows™ Explorer, there could be a software conflict.
  • A possible cause might be a CD/DVD burning software which uses the DLA (drive letter access) technology. You can disable DLA following these steps:
    1. Click Windows™ "Start" and select "Run"
    2. Type "cmd" to get the command prompt and hit Enter/OK
    3. Type "dla disable e:" where "e:" is the drive's assigned letter
  • If the problem persists, please contact support@securom.com.


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