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No disc inserted

SecuROM™ has determined that there is no disc in a local physical drive. Please follow these steps to help resolve the issue:

  • If you can find the disc in your Windows™ Explorer, there could be a software conflict.
  • A possible cause might be a CD/DVD burning software (e.g. Sonic DLA, Stomp RecordNow Max, ™) which uses the DLA (drive letter access) technology. You can disable DLA following these steps:
    1. Click Windows™ 'Start' and select 'Run'
    2. Type 'cmd' to get the command prompt and hit Enter/OK
    3. Type 'dla disable e:' where 'e:' is the drive's assigned letter
  • If the problem persists, or you need additional assistance, please use the SecuROM™ Diagnostic Tool for further support.

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